In 2017 we launched a new in house event clean up team service to support our large scale event productions and it was an instant success and not only helped immensely improve our leave no trace policy, but it also attracted interest from other event producers and without any promotion or marketing, it then branched out in 2018 to provide a bookable service for full site clean up and waste disposal service for an additional raft of events in Sheffield for the Council’s Major Events Team. In 2019 the team started getting booked by other event production companies to provide a full clear up service and, since 2020 our event service squad have expanded their services ensuring public events are both safe and enjoyable. This includes services such as toilet management and sanitation stations.



Our on site team is made up of a number of experienced and dedicated team members, who go the extra mile to ensure we achieve the leave no trace policy we promote to provide you for peace of mind when producing and event. 

The team work in all environments and all weather conditions and do so with a huge smile on their face and due diligence in their approach to the job in hand, at which they take great pride in their work. No job is too small or too big and we have over 50 + people to call in to run a team of all sizes or more than one team at a time for seperate events in different places.

All our team are fully trained and given a full H&S site induction and they are supported by an administration team and an official waste processing plant operator. What we cant recycle, reuse or reduce, we send to a safe incineration process to be disposed of correctly and safely and this then in turn is turned into energy use, helping us achieve our green tick in the box!!

We process all our waste in an environmental manner and in line with our waste carriers license and our principal recycling first policy. The team come fully kitted out with bright hi vis uniform and full PPE kit from gloves to work boots and litter pickers, brushe, rakes, shovels, hoops and bags. In addition we can provide a set of colour coded waste collection bin points to help process the waste on site and this can sort the rubbish created by event attendees or the working production team and on site traders. Leave No Trace, means exactly what it says. 

It is a dirty job, but we love being someone who has to do it!!

Costs / prices for the above range from £300 – £6,000, depending on your requirements and scale of clearance needed and all bookings can be tailored to suit the needs of individual businesses.

To discuss how we can help you please contact: Bob Worm – Events Collective  (bob.worm@eventscollective.com / 07916 151704)


We can help with the planning and logistics of waste clearance at your events in the UK, we provide an efficient and professional service for events of all sizes and locations, whether it is a music festival, country show, market or exhibition. We can create a plan tailored to your event, with the size, scope and nature of the event all taken into consideration.

We have over five years experience in complete event waste management solutions, from litter picking to excess waste stock processing. By booking us you are guaranteed a first class, no hassle service. We can also provide a range of options on a variety of bin and skip hire sizes to suit all needs 

We can operate on a nationwide coverage service, meaning we can provide for your event no matter where it is located and this is made all the more possible by our team being able to stop overnight, either in a camp set up on site or in nearby rented accommodation


We understand for events to succeed, it is crucial that the planning and delivery team are not only experienced, but flexible to meet the ever changing challenge in the world of events and the UK weather climate. Our Management team can connect with a vast solid network of experienced and capable suppliers to make sure everything is run successfully and cost effective for the benefit of all.

It’s a dirty job and we love to do it!!

Our work ethic

Our dedicated team from the office managers, to the site team supervisor and to each of the squad oppertives on duty are seasoned professionals that have years of experience in working as a team on event waste collection.

We don’t cut corners on our leave no trace policy and we’re always learning how to make what we offer even better. Our operating mantra is: Every day is a school day and every event is a school term. This keeps us on the pulse of up to date and effective methods and processes to ensure we provide the best service at a great value on cost. 


  • How much does it cost for our event waste collections?

    Event waste management starts as low as £150. Each job will be individually assessed to ensure is that we work with you to make sure costs are as minimal as possible.

  •  Will my waste get recycled as a priority?

    We work to achieve the highest level of recycling process for all the events we   service where possible, be that onsite or offsite. The first process is done on site to separate materials that can be recycled and then when all cleared up and collected waste leaves the site to be sorted at the process depot, it will be double checked and all recyclable materials will be sorted and separated to ensure its fully recycled.

  • Do you provide a litter picker team for events?

    Yes, our team of dedicated litter pickers are the core service of our supply business. They are dedicated experienced professionals and they take great pride in their work.

  • Can you collect and recycle food waste from my event?

    Food waste recycling is becoming a bigger priority for more of our clients each year. We are continually adding to our skills and facilities to ensure we can meet the ever growing needs of our clients minimising food waste and where it can not be reduced or reused safely, we can even process it as  green energy.

  • Is it possible to help us reduce the cost of my event waste services?

    Absolutely! Our business objective is to help you achieve a leave no trace policy at a fair cost and we do this by bringing all our skills and experience together to clear and clean your event site up for sign off at the lowest cost possible.

  • How do I get a quote for litter picking my event?

    You can email or call us and we will be available and happy to chat with you on a no obligation basis to process an initial quote for the job required, subject to a site visit to clarify the quote meets the requirements of the service to be booked.


Whatever type, size, design, length or location of event you are running, we can help you source a team of dedicated litter pickers who can be booked only to pick litter as their duty on site or they can add processing waste for achieving a recycling target, where that is possible and in respect of facilities available on site.

Don’t worry If you’ve had negative experiences working with people picking litter on site in the past, you’ll be pleased to know that our team are dedicated to the task in hand and we don’t scare easily. We understand waste is a challenge and not for the faint hearted, but we have been cleaning up other people’s mess for a number of years now and we have taken on the challenge to create and grow a business of merit, satisfaction and repeat bookings from our client base. This is due to the results we produce to make sure you are happy!!



We understand that a greater number of event sites can require refundable deposits and can also impose expensive fines if you don’t clear up properly and leave the event untidy or with litter. That’s why we work to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. providing people with the right kit and tools to do their jobs properly is the key to the success of the service we provide. We turn up and work under the most difficult of conditions, to pick in any weather and at any event, from urban spaces to football stadiums to farmers fields and indoor venue festivals we have the right equipment, the right training, the right attitude and dedication to the job.

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